What is Dissolution?


Dissolution is a free-to-play MMORPG space-sim with both infantry FPS and ship combat set in a persistent universe in the 24th century.

We've taken heavy inspiration from Eve Online to create our own living-game. Dissolution will be a vast universe, alive with the unrelenting activity and combined history of its players. Players are free to pursue lives of adventure, warfare, and prosperity, sharing this existence in a world where the AI threat looms at every corner.

Dissolution takes place in our own star system, featuring 3 types of playable sectors.

Green zones are densely populated safe havens governed by the dystopian central government run by megacorporations. These areas are the central economic hubs of the game.

Neutral territories or Yellow Zones, where player alliances make the rules, provide players with ample opportunity for profit whether it be through mining, or pirate activity.

Red zones are regions of anomalous and unexplored space that hold secrets guarded by hostile entities. Exploring and looting these regions successfully will result in favorable economic outcomes

Players will be able to fly a diverse range of ships from small, nimble fighters, to collosal freighters and formidable warships, each with its own playstyle and role. Each is fully customizable as you decide how to equip and arm them.

What you do in Dissolution is entirely up to you. Dissolution's immense sandbox gives you the opportunity to choose between multiple professions and activities.It wont be easy to succeed by yourself, and you will definitely need some back up. Team up with other players to form alliances of mutual interests in the form of corporations. Carve out your territory and make your mark.


What does the developmental cycle look like?


Due to the long development (estimated 5 years) process to become a fully fledged MMORPG, we've decided to separate the game's overall development process in 3 Main stages: FPS, Combined Arms, and Open World MMORPG.

Each stage of development will be designed as a standalone title, so that if further development were to halt due to unexpected reasons, Dissolution will still be playable in order to remain fair to any players who participate in our presales.

Currently, Dissolution is in the Alpha FPS stage of the development. We are currently working on stabilizing the game's multiplayer netcode, stress-testing our servers, and doing security/bug testing with the Enjin blockchain backend. Our development process is heavily dependent on user feedback, so please send us suggestions and bug reports in our community channels.


Why use blockchain?


Blockchain provides 3 primary benefits for the player:

True ownership of in-game assets

Blockchains allow players to own their hard-earned items outside of our game server as a blockchain token. Specifically, we are using Enjin's ERC 1155 platform to tokenize our assets. This token will can be held in your own wallet, after which you are free to do as you like with it, unlike other games which do not permit players trading items with each other.

Ease of Player Monetization

The success of popular MMORPGs such as Eve and Lineage were in-part, due to their economies which allowed gamers to make money through the game. Typically, MMORPG players will particiapte in many competitive and collaborative community activities to earn higher levels and items, as it brings them more respect within their community. Due to this, players are highly motivated to pay real money for attractive items, which allowed players who were willing to sell them to make a decent profit.

Blockchain expedites this process by allowing players to trade on established exchanges such as Opensea which takes a very small percentage in comparison to its centralized competitors such as Steam.

Real Economics

Blockchains are able to enforce realism in a video game economy due to their immutability and transparency. A general use-case is counteracting the effects of hyper-inflation commonly seen in MMO titles by controlling an item's supply on the blockchain. Blockchains increase the collectibility of rare items by limiting teir supply in-game. This effect strengthens the lore and overall immersion of a title.

Blockchains also provide players the freedom to interact with other players without the use of a centralized third party.


How do the in-game rewards work?

There will be 2 primary rewards when playing Dissolution: DIS and LP.

DIS is the in-game currency that can be used to purchase anything in our store-front. Players can earn DIS by playing PvP, PvE, and eventually trading and mining in the MMORPG stage of the game. DIS will also be able to be withdrawn as an Ethereum ERC-20 token to store in your own wallet to eventually trade on exchanges.


LP stands for Loyalty Points and will be awarded to players along-side DIS. LP will unlock seasonal, time limited items and skins on a milestone basis. LP resets every new season and seasonal rewards will never be redeemable again in the future.